Dim whatsHappend As My.Professional.Career

I feel that I don’t have a perfect, great and fluent English, but I do my best, I know I need more practice so for this reason from know on I will be writing more often. Fist I want to say that I have a strange feeling because I didn’t attend Teched 2005 this year, but I know maybe next year I will be there.

Right know I feel happy because I am MCP and soon I will be a MCAD. This Friday Jun 10 I’m going to present the 70-310 certification exams.

  • COM+ and Serviced Components not a problem

  • Web Services not a problem

  • Data and manipulate XML not a problem

  • Deploying not a problem

  • .NET Remoting, mmm mmmm something to worry about

Wish me look.

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