Enterprise Template for Application Architecture

Projects are often big, complex and critical, good help sometimes is hard to find, we need to reuse best practices and follow some rules to establish a good architecture.  Enterprise Templates are Visual Studio .NET Templates Projects that help capture and share best practices as application construction toolkits.

With Enterprise Templates you can define:

  • Application Structure (things to include)
  • Development Policy (things to exclude)
  • Guidance

Ok, know let me tell you that the Microsoft Pattern & Practices Group develops a guide called Application Architecture for .NET: Design Application and Services this document contains the official recommendation for designing distributed applications with .NET; here you can find how to architect a .NET solution, the concept of physical tiers (presentation, business layer, data layer) and the logical partitioning of each tier in to components also the deployment patterns you can use.

Enterprise Templates + Application Architecture for .NET = Enterprise Template for Application Architecture: Workspace Home

Enterprise Template for Application Architecture it’s the combination of the official recommendations for architecting .NET application and the incredible integration with Visual Studio .NET 2003 to really enforce development policies based on this application architecture and also you can directly access to the Pattern & Practices Guides and Blocks from the Dynamic Help Window.

As simple as download and install the Setup for VSNET2003  MSI file, make shure you dont have running Visual Studio .NET 2003, when you lauch VS.NET 2003 know you can select File – New – Projects and you will see Application Architecture for .NET Project Type and in the Template Box select a template, my recomendation is to use the second template and boom, know you have a reusable application structure with policies and help.

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