Web Client Software Factory something you may have to look!

For me Pattern & Practices always have been a great resource. Since the release of this site, I have been following closely all the guides and they have do so much for me and also for my career. Since the release of the application blocks, all over to software factory’s I think that Patter & Practices Team have done a significant job influencing the use and adoption of best practices in several areas of software development.

Kudos to Ron Jacobs, Edward Jezierski and the rest of the team.

Right know I fell very excited for the new Web Client Software Factory announcement, yes I was waiting for it and know we have it in the CodePlex Community Site just for this project. The Web Client Software Factory is a guidance offering (under development) that will provide comprehensive architecture guidance to help us build web solutions using Microsoft Platform (ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX and Workflow Foundation). Just like the Smart Client Software Factory but for the web.

So enjoy and have fun!

One thought on “Web Client Software Factory something you may have to look!

  1. Hi,

    I am also looking at WCSF, but how realistic do you think to use this factory for EVERY .net web project? Is there any company really architect and develop their products with WCSF?


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