WCF WebCast Next Monday

All people talk about it. The .NET Framework 3.0 includes the WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) the new unified programming model for building service oriented applications. If you have use COM+, Remoting, ASMX Web Services, System.Messagiing probably you have been working with distributed application scenarios. Next Monday I will present a WCF WebCast for Latin-American region. It’s in Spanish Language but if you want to practice your Spanish come on and join to the webcast. Try it maybe you will impress your boss or coworkers with a new technical Spanish and proficient ascent and of course with a lot of new … Continue reading WCF WebCast Next Monday

ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanelPopUpExtender Control

Is been a lot of time that I don’t post in this blog. Promise I will do it more frequently. For now I think it’s very valuable the job that Raj Kaimal has been doing with the UpdatePanelPopPupExtender. The idea here is to have an ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel control inside a PopUp window. It’s very easy and helpful. You can have very nice behaviors and give to your users a great AJAX experience. And also last week find an RssTool Kit control that you can’t download and implement in your apps RSS functionality. Imagine that you can expose your information … Continue reading ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanelPopUpExtender Control

This is my 3rd year as MVP

I’m getting older. Today I was notified about my MVP status. So I still an MVP for all the 2007. What can I say?, just thanks to all the people that has been so nice with me. This year I will keep working with Baja California communities here in Mexico and hope we can have new MVPs in this area. Thanks to Microsoft Mexico guys and my all friends.