Office 2007 Controls IDs and Icon Gallery

Recently I was developing a custom Ribbon for Word 2007 Add In and I needed to include several controls, groups and word buttons so here is a List of Controls Ids that you can use to reference word buttons. And don’t forget to download the Office 2007 Icon Gallery for Excel  as well. By the way if you need also to build Word 2003 Add In and includo a Command Bar here is a list of FaceId that you can use to define icons to your Word 2003 Command Bar buttons.

not so long ago

Not so long ago I was thinking about the future of how IT impacts our present and future. Searching on google found this in youtube and want to share: YouTube – Prometeus – La Revolucion de los Medios

How to set ASP.NET 2.0 SqlDataSource command parameters programmatically

If for any reason you want to set your ASP.NET 2.0 SqlDataSource parameter programmatically before executing, you can use the Selecting event as show in the following code: 1: Partial Class Default2 2: Inherits System.Web.UI.Page 3:   4: Dim strRegion As String 5: Dim strSubgerencia As String 6: Dim strCentral As String 7: Dim strUnidad As String 8: Dim strSistema As String 9: Dim strTipoEquipo As String 10: Dim strConsecutivo As String 11: Dim strMedidor As String 12:   13: Protected Sub GridView1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles GridView1.SelectedIndexChanged 14:   15: ‘ get some info from … Continue reading How to set ASP.NET 2.0 SqlDataSource command parameters programmatically

SharePoint 2007 business aware book

I was reading the Essential SharePoint 2007 book and found very useful because is not just for developers, is about all the business aspects we need to know and care about when we are trying to implement MOSS or address a particular business problem with MOSS. So if you are a sales guy, consultant, IT Manager or in fact a developer, you can rely on this book to know the business implications of a particular MOSS based solution. Take the time to read this book your client will appreciate. Enjoy!

SharePoint Content

Hey you can download session and presentations from the APAC SharePoint Conference 2007 site. Here is the Url: Enjoy!

TSRI C-ME on .NET Rocks

Don’t forget to download the new show #243 from .NET Rocks. They talk about the collaborative molecular environment project that I had the opportunity to be part of as a member of the international dev team. It’s really cool to know some aspects and histories about how this project was assembled and conceived. Peter Kunh from Scrippts Institute, Tim Huckaby from Interknowlogy, Eileen Rumwell from Microsoft Corp and Stephen Forte share some insights with Carl and Richard. Enjoy!

C-ME en el podcast de DotNetRocks

Es curioso el poder conocer cómo fue que se dio el proyecto Ambiente Colaborativo Molecular del cual ya había platicado anteriormente en este post. En el programa del buen Carl Franklin del podcast pionero DotNetRocks en su show más reciente resulta que se dedica al mismo proyecto y que en definitiva se dieron a concer algunos pormenores que quiero compartir con ustedes, es fascinante escuchar algunas anecdotas e historias que estuvieron detrás de todo este proyecto. Anécdotas como: Cientos de curriculums (incluyendo el mío) fueron enviados de todas partes del mundo para participar Hubo programadores que se ofrecieron a trabajar de a gratis … Continue reading C-ME en el podcast de DotNetRocks