Useful SharePoint Designer custom activities

I was searching projects in and found an interesting project called Useful SharePoint Designer Custom Workflow Activities where you can find:

  • Send Email with HTTP File attachment – Allows sending emails with attachments retrieved using a web request
  • Send Email with List Item attachments – Allows sending list item attachments as files attached to an email
  • Start Another Workflow – Starts another workflow associated with a list item
  • Grant Permission on Item – Allows granting of specified permission level on a spicified item
  • Delete List Item Permission Assigment – Allows deleting of specified permission level assigment for a given user
  • Reset List Permissions Inheritance – removes any unique permissions assigned to an item by inheriting list permissions
  • Is User a member of a SharePoint group – Checks if a given user is part of given sharepoint group
  • Is Role assigned to User – Checks if a user role is already assigned on the current list item
  • Lookup user info – allows to lookup properties in site’s user information list for a given login
  • NEW! Copy List Item Extended Activity – Allows copying/moving list items and files cross site.
  • NEW! Send Email Extended – Enhaced version of the OOTB activity. Allows you to specify the sender. Also does not break links in body.

And also there are a few activities related to working with InfoPath. Not so long ago I was writing code to read and write values inside InfoPath forms on current Workflows. So, these activities are very useful.

  • Get InfoPath field inner text
  • Get InfoPath field inner xml
  • Set InfoPath field inner text
  • Set InfoPath field inner xml

Kudos to Paul Kotlyar’s

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