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Court ruling – websites are not protected by constitutional guarantees granted to journalists

March 14th 2005 in Uncategorized

A CALIFORNIA judge has ruled in favour of Apple Computer’s bid to find the source of trade secrets posted online, saying that websites were not protected by constitutional guarantees granted to journalists.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge James Kleinberg ruled Apple was entitled to find out the identities of sources of the leaked information about an upcoming product code-named “Asteroid”.


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A small win for betrayware (fake spyware removal software) victims was reported today on the Australian news channels:http://australianit.news.com.au/articles/0,7204,12538391%5E15331%5E%5Enbv%5E15306%2D15318,00.html
“ … The makers of Spyware Assassin tried to scare consumers into buying software through pop-up ads and email that warned their computers had been infected with malicious monitoring software, … A US court has ordered the company […]

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