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Firefox security vulnerabilities

April 19th 2005 in Uncategorized

Information about more Firefox vulnerabilities has been released:

Code execution through javascript: favicons

Arbitrary code execution from Firefox side panel II

The fix?  Disable javascript or update to Firefox 1.0.3.

We can only hope that all of those Firefox users who changed browsers because they believe Firefox is ‘safe’ will find out about these and other vulnerabilities and regularly check for updates, especially those who believed Mozilla when they said “No spyware/adware software can automatically install in Firefox just by visiting a web site.”
(cite: http://www.mozilla.org/support/firefox/faq)

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Firefox used to infect IE:


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I received a lovely email today – I want to say thank you to Trish for ‘powering up the batteries’ so to speak.  It is so easy to get tired when fighting spyware and malware, but every so often we receive emails like this, that remind us why we keep going:
“I cannot thank you enough […]

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