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Netscape XML bug.. still not fixed

June 14th 2005 in Uncategorized

Netscape still haven’t fixed the XML bug I first mentioned on 26 May:

Maybe they still think that a browser’s XML ability is only important to developers and programmers…..

Update 18 June 2005: 8.0.2 apparently fixes this problem:

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A new bill has been introduced into Federal Parliament here in Australia, called the ‘Spyware Bill 2005’.  Note that the Bill is not yet law, and will not become so until Royal Assent is received. 
You can download the entire Bill, as a PDF, at this link:http://parlinfoweb.aph.gov.au/PIWeb/view_document.aspx?id=1973&table=BILLS
Imagine… computer owners will have the opportunity to give […]

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