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Longhorn RSS Team Blog

June 30th 2005 in Uncategorized

The Longhorn RSS team have started their own blog – the best place to keep up to speed on the latest public information about this new ability in IE.



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See update 16 July 2005
This time it is “Windows Registry : SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID\bho.dll”, detected as ‘adgoblin’ by Trend:(Associated CLSID 59AEAD8A-6822-4794-AF2E-8CC27312E26E)
On my system, that CLSID is associated with TechSmith’s SnagIt product as its BHO AppID.
12 July:   I have an update on Trend Micro’s false positive for AdGoblin when Camtasia’s SnagIt product is installed.  I’ve been having an […]

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A group called the “Pew Internet & American Life Project” (PIALP) has released a report examining the effect that spyware has had on (an American’s) behaviour when on the Internet.
The report is available in PDF format here:http://www.pewinternet.org/pdfs/PIP_Spyware_Report_July_05.pdf
The media release can be seen here:
To summarise PIALP concluded that:
52% of home internet users say their computer has […]

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