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Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

September 18th 2005 in Uncategorized

Its a *really* slow day here.  I am installing Windows Vista 5219 to a Microsoft Virtual PC VM as we speak, but thanks to a bug that I am unable to fix Virtual Machine is running as slow as molasses – despite my laptop being a 1.2 Intel with over 800 Meg devoted to the VM.

But that’s neither here nor there – while Vista is installing my laptop is pretty much useless making it well nigh impossible to get done what I need to do.   So, I have two choices – kick back and watch DVDs with the kids and eat too much, or catch up on other stuff – y’all who know me well know which path I will choose…

Which leads me to the topic of my discussion – the new Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar.  This is a seriously useful utility (despite my site failing CSS and HTML tests)

Ok, anyway…. the tool works with IE6 and IE7 and is well worth a look-see.  The IE team blog which mentions the tool is here:

If you are a casual web surfer – let’s be realistic – the tool is of no worth to you – but if you are a developer it is extremely useful – one of my correspondents described it today as “probably one of those things where you wonder how you got on without it before.”


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