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Java based email client

September 19th 2005 in Uncategorized

A friend has asked me to check out “Columba”, a java based email client available at http://columba.soundforge.net

I must admit, my initial reaction was a shudder.  As a rule I don’t like java based applications.  I particularly remember when Novell rolled out ConsoleOne – a java based management client that was/is as slow as a dog and an absolute pain to use.

I must admit, Columba is quick, but it is also nowhere near ready for prime time.  First, it downloads remote graphics by default.  This is a big security risk.  Embedded remote graphics are the number one way that spammers confirm whether or not a particular address is live.  I hope those behind Columba get that problem fixed, quick smart.

While on the topic of html emails and remote graphics, I opened an html email from Harvey World Travel which included remote graphics, and from that moment on Columba refused to display anything but that email – even when other emails were selected.  After shutting down and restarting Columba it simply refused to display any email at all!!

Double clicking an email opens an empty window – another bug.

The setup is easy enough – mind you, setting example name of ‘Bill Gates’ and sample mail server as ‘mail.microsoft.com’ is just a little preoccupied, don’t you think?

Currently the anti-spam feature isn’t working – they’d better get that fixed – Outlook Express 7 (sorry, Windows Mail) will, at time of writing, include an antispam feature (yes, I say at time of writing – I remember how Microsoft was sued the last time that they tried to add an anti-spam feature to Outlook Express back in during the beta of version 5 – nothing is certain in this world until products are released).

Ok, so if you are using Windows, what version do I recommend you install?  That’s easy – the Windows installer *without* java.  This is because you *must* ensure you have the latest vesion of the Sun Java client, and the only way to do that is to go direct to Sun and download the latest version:

While we’re on the topic of Sun Java… watch out… when you update Sun Java older vulnerable versions of the product are not removed automatically – this is a big problem – more information here:

Ok, that’s it for now. I’ve only scratched the surface of the product.  Its fast, and has potential, but is nowhere near ready for primetime, and I’m not comfortable recommending it yet.

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