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Spyware popups and Opera

September 21st 2005 in Uncategorized


“anybody have any experience ridding themselves of this malware?…it will not go away by using every spyware tool out there…driving me crazy with constant opening of tabs in Opera???…thanks”

I don’t know how the machine was infected (via Opera? via IE? via something else?), and have no intention of drawing any conclusions, but I will say this – its good that the malware adverts are coralled to tabs instead of popping up all over screen – even better if they open in the background so we don’t have to look at the content of the damn things ;o)

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And its about time too:http://www.opera.com/free/
“”We want to become the second-biggest browser. The number one (held by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) is a little inaccessible,” Opera Software chief executive Jon von Tetzchner said.
A lighter version of Opera has until now been available for free download on the internet, but with ad banners.
“We’ve always stood up […]

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The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in association with government and private sector cyber-security specialists, has launched OnGuardOnline.gov to educate consumers about phishing, spam, spyware etc. http://onguardonline.gov/index.html
File a complaint about phishing, hacking, spyware etc.http://onguardonline.gov/filecomplaint.html

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