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CES 2006 Keynote…

January 4th 2006 in Uncategorized

“Going Beyond: Microsoft at 30”

I’m sitting here watching the CES Keynote via Satellite link…. this is going to be rough and all over the place.

Stats and snippets:

Windows PCs – 11% growth last year.  I’ll admit, I found that kind of surprising.

100 million broadband users in the USA (and that’s not the biggest user number out there).

5 million Windows Mobile devices will be shipped this year.

Starting tomorrow a new phone goes on sale that is a collaboration between Microsoft and *Palm* (Yes, Palm) will go on sale.

Microsoft, Phillips and Uniden have collaborated to create new cordless phone that can do VOIP calls using “Windows Messenger Live Call Services”.

Windows Vista will be shipped by the end of the year, as will Office 12.

URGE Music Service (in association with MTV):  A new online music service integrated with Media Player with over 2 million tracks. Drag ‘n’ drop to create playlists.

Cool stuff:

Parental controls in Vista:  think MSN Explorer parental controls on steroids.

Windows Vista will have an inbuilt photo editing ability in Windows and Picture Viewer… and not only that, if you edit your photograph and save the changes the original version will be saved by Vista so that even years later, if you want to, you can go back to the original version of the photograph!!

Media Centre PC: High Definition DVDs. Imagine a (for want of a better word) information bar along the bottom of screen.  We’ve all watched a movie with the Director’s commentary. With HD-DVD the Director’s Commentary will be a movie quality, animated, *small* floating head of the Director superimposed over a portion of the movie screen talking us through the movie.  We will also be able to do many things like search through chapters without interrupting the movie.  There is information available about the actors in the movie being viewed, but the cool thing is the information bar is intelligent enough to automatically highlight the actor in the current scene.

Xbox and HD-DVD – there will be an external HD-DVD drive released.

Want to look at your song list in Windows Explorer? In Vista you can see the album art as well.

The Word Wheel is all over the place – Bryan Starbuck demoed the OE version of the Word Wheel on his blog:


Bill G demoed the coolest wall mounted touch screen for the family home; the location of every family member could be (optionally) displayed on a map in real time.

Video conferencing – drag ‘n’ drop to add people to the video conversation.

Did you know that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is worth $29 billion?  That figure is equivalent to the World Health Organisation.

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