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Viva Las Vegas !!!!

January 4th 2006 in Uncategorized

Here I am in Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronics Show.

So far, the trip has been charmed; free Business Class upgrade from Perth to Sydney, Exit Row Window from Sydney to LA, and First Class from LA to Las Vegas.

Getting off the plane in Las Vegas was like stepping into another world – slot machines everywhere.  $5.00 purchased a shuttle ride from the airport to my time share apartment.

Officially there is no internet access here except for in the CES Press Room and during certain Featured Community sessions, but my HP laptop’s wireless antenna is strong enough to pick up a useable signal from the McDonald’s store I can see outside my window – $2.95 for two hours access time ain’t too bad ;o)   I’m registered as Press so get access to the Press Room with its special SWAG, internet access, tea, coffee, nibbles etc etc etc.

Met up last night with a good friend, Tom Koch of www.insideoe.com  fame.  After wandering around checking out the most amazing sights (we both can’t quite believe we’re in Las Vegas) we headed to Smith & Wollensky for dinner.  What a blast of a night.  Tom had Alaskan King Crab – I’m talking HALF an Alaskan King Crab… absolutely massive – as for me I had the most marvellous fillet.

At the end of the night, the waiter handed over what he thought was the bill .. but he gave me two bill folios… I open them and they both have cash inside (not a small amount, btw) … so, Tom and I being honest types called over the waiter and gave the money back.  Our reward?  Our drinks and dessert were free – considering I’d had four double shots of MacAllans 18 year old during the night – that was one hell of a thank you,

Ok, the Keynote has just started… watch this space.  Howdy Bill Gates.

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