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Ciao Las Vegas.. thanks for having us

January 7th 2006 in Uncategorized

The only interesting thing that has happened in the last five hours at the Las Vegas Airport is a shortlived power failure in the US Airways Members Lounge.  From that moment on, no power points were working so my laptop battery is it :o(

CES was amazing…. overwhelming… enormous…. exciting.

Las Vegas was all that is good and bad about the USA squashed into one small area.  Neon abounds, decadence abounds, street hawkers shoving ‘free’ tickets in your face.

I was lucky enough to be able to man the IE7 booth at CES for an hour or so (and also the Communities booth).  The reactions of those I chatted to were not always what I expected, and helped refresh the level of excitement I feel about the browser.

Only once did a wannabe comedian-aka-flamer-aka-lamer say to me “IE is only catching up with Firefox” <sigh>  What’cha saying? We shouldn’t bother?  Excuse me while I search out an intelligent conversationalist.

Surprisingly, the reaction that I saw to tabs overall was quite muted – probably because so many browsers have tabs already.   That being said, once we drilled down into what we can do with said tabs the excitement levels increased.  It makes me wonder how many people only scratch the surface of their Web browser’s abilities – even those who use Firefox, or Opera, or Netscape.

Multiple home pages was a big hit, as was Favorite Groups, Refresh All and Close Other Tab.  Quick Tabs was a showstopper, as I knew it would be:

It was great demonstrating RSS to those who had not used it before, and every person that I spoke to loved the new way of searching in IE7.  Yes, you can have Google as a Search Engine in IE7.  Some people were concerned about the Phishing Filter until it was explained to them that nobody is blocked from going to a site AND that not only can sites be reported as bad, they can also be reported as good AND that reports are not automatically accepted but instead are checked and substantianted.  As I said to one particularly worried gentleman, his competitors are not going to be able to report his site as bad and get away with it.  It simply doesn’t work that way.

Uh oh.. gotta run.. battery about to go flat.  I’ll post more from Los Angeles (if I can find a working power outlet).

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I’ve seen it on TV – I’ve heard of it happening to others – but this is the first time its happened when I’m around.  Pity those travelling to Reno.
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