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IE7 fix: Search toolbar not working

January 31st 2006 in Uncategorized

Symptom:  When using the IE7 Search Toolbar the text  %s  is populated into the search field of a Search Provider instead of the search text entered by the User.

Fix: Reinstall your search providers.

Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Search Pane, then select “Get Search Providers”.

Click on the link for each provider that you want to use, then select “Replace Provider”.  If the Provider is not already installed, the “Replace Provider” option will disappear from the Add Search Provider window.

If you previously used Sean Alexander’s registry script to add a slew of Search Providers, all the entries created by the script will be broken. This is because the Wildcard has been changed from %s to {searchTerms}.  You’ll need to edit the original registry file to replace %s with {searchTerms} then remerge the file, or edit the registry manually.

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“IE7 fix: Search toolbar not working”


What I don’t understand is, why do you manually add search providers via the registry?? You really don’t have to. All you need is to write an OpenSearch XML file and let Internet Explorer 7 do the rest.

Here is an example of that on my website.


“Why do you manually add search providers via the registry? … All you need to do is write an OpenSearch XML”.

If you’d like to create an XML template that a user can easily edit to add their favorite provider, then I’m happy to host it.

Disclaimer: Always be careful of third party sites – I have not tested the add-a-search-provider service provided by tredosoft.com ;o)

Yay! Its out (released in the middle of the night my time)http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/ie7/
Please remember that this build has been released to allow Developers and IT Professionals to start evaluating IE7 against their Web sites and applications.  The preview is not intended for, and should not be installed in a production environment.  Casual users should not install […]

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