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Hey, [company name removed to protect the less than innocent] that built my SBS box… go read this…

February 19th 2006 in Uncategorized

It really isn’t that hard… honest… so why do so many techies mess it up?

Luv ya Susan:

Seriously….on my server, OWA and RWW had not been touched by the previous support company…  here is this kick-ass remote email facility and it isn’t touched…. months of grief were endured while “they” tried to get Nfuse and other third party applications working… and the whole time there was OWA, sitting quietly in the background waiting to be noticed… you’ve gotta wonder what the hell they were thinking.

When I add a new user, I get the option to ‘assign’ a pre-existent computer to a new user … and guess what, only those computers which I have added to the domain using connectcomputer are accessible… all others trigger errors centered around the fact that wizards were not used to add them to the domain <sigh>.  Life could be so much easier….

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