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Another Aussie "hero" bites the dust…

February 20th 2006 in Uncategorized

Check out this thread started by “Calamity Jane” :

So, it seems the Aussie golden boy Dale Begg-Smith has made his money via some pretty shady dealings…. 

As a person who deals on a far too regular basis with the end-result of PC hijackings, and has had to deal with the end result of underage kids being confronted by porn-themed hijackings, I can only hope and pray that all the attention Mr Begg-Smith is going to receive leads to a major change of attitude on his part.  And, if he wants to join the rest of us in the trenches where we try to get rid of the crap that companies like AdsCPM dump on unsuspecting victims, then his conversion will be welcomed.   I’m betting, though, that he won’t cut it – not if he puts money before ethics.

Ok, so Dale managed to ski down a hill real fast… that ain’t gonna help him now.  He’s been outed.  And the pressure is going to be unrelenting… spyware fighters are known for their tenacity, and a lack of mercy when it comes to going after the bad guys.

Add to that the fact that two major newspapers, the Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald, and news.com.au have picked up the story the unable-to-be-contacted Dale isn’t going to be able to hide for too long:

Here is the whois for adscpm.com – note it was updated on 15 February 2006 – 5 days ago … if anybody knows how to retrieve the pre 15 February 2006 data, feel free to comment:

Mr Begg-Smith would like people to focus on his Olympic achievements… ummmm, nope, that ain’t gonna happen – not in the circles in which I walk. 

Oh, and if you want to see what the adscpm.com company site was like before it disappeared… look here:

Check this out:
“We accept all sites, no matter what.”

According to web.archive.org, adscpm.com was last updated in January 2005… at the moment it is not accessible… I wonder why….

On 1 February 2007 adscpm.com was “under construction”:

Dale, you can run, but you can’t hide.  The internet being what it is, you can’t change nor hide from history.  Google, web.archive.org and the internet at large make it impossible.

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