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Pan fried…… stuff….

February 21st 2006 in Uncategorized

Side note: Hey Rocky!! I’m procrastinating again!!!

{laughing}  A very dear friend of mine, who is in the midst of writing a book entitled “Michigan Cuisine: A Semi-Exhaustive Guide” pinged me this evening to let me know that he’d found a ‘man hater’ recipe that he thought I would probably love….

Ok, so I’ve had a few bad experiences centered around those with a preponderance of testosterone but there are no men in my current circle to whom the following recipe could be applied …

Pan-Fried … errr … WHAT???

Ok… guys… you know who you are… you can uncross your legs now… honest…. all knives are safely stored in the bottom drawer in my kitchen, and even if they’re not, I use anaesthetic  <big grin>

I’ll admit… I’m a terrible troublemaker and I adore teasing my two teenagers …. when cooking ox tongue I get my kids to wash and prepare the tongue … the look on their faces is a classic…. all those ox sized tastebuds have the most exquisite effect on their sensibilities…. and I absolutely adore thinly sliced calf liver which has been crumbed and pan fried… my local restaurant serves up the most amazing chicken livers in sherry sauce… but this…. I’m not sure about this….

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