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Phishers now pretending to be the IRS…

February 24th 2006 in Uncategorized

Here’s hoping the powers that be will get serious now that the IRS is being impersonated…. the bad guys are getting overconfident if they feel safe impersonating Government departments like the Department of the Treasury – screenshot at link below:

Castlecops also have a writeup (no screenshot):

This isn’t a new phish – you’ll note the Websense alert is dated December – its a resurgence 😉

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“Phishers now pretending to be the IRS…”

Alun Jones

I don’t see this making a significant change to anything. Note that phishers have been pretending to be the FBI and CIA for several months already. They’ve even pretended to be banks, and other such corporations with _real_ power.

I see Microsoft filing several “John Doe” lawsuits to try and address these misrepresentations, and I think one or two have even been found, tried, and sentenced. But mostly, it seems that nobody really gives a hoot if someone else is pretending to be them.

“GOOGLE infringed copyright by posting thumbnail photos from other websites on its search results pages, a US judge has ruled.”

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