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Announced improvements to Windows Mail (aka OE7)

February 25th 2006 in Uncategorized


Phishing filter
Quick Search (Word Wheel)
Junk Mail Filter

The phishing filter is seriously cool, as is Quick Search (which works the same way as the search pane used by Internet Explorer 7 when displaying RSS)

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Here’s hoping the powers that be will get serious now that the IRS is being impersonated…. the bad guys are getting overconfident if they feel safe impersonating Government departments like the Department of the Treasury – screenshot at link below:http://www.websensesecuritylabs.com/alerts/alert.php?AlertID=372
Castlecops also have a writeup (no screenshot):http://castlecops.com/a6537-IRS_Phish.html
This isn’t a new phish – you’ll note the Websense […]

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Windows Update is the classic update service that only offers updates for Windows.  Microsoft Update extends this service to cover other Microsoft programmes including, but not limited to, Office, Exchange and SQL (disclaimer: if you use Office 2000, or if your copy of Office was installed in “per user” mode, you will need to continue using Office […]

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