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Department of Energy Manual on Information Security

February 27th 2006 in Uncategorized

…see, I don’t read the Microsoft Switzerland Security Blog just because I’m Swiss… they come up with gems that don’t appear on their US equivalent’s site…



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Those of you who have been reading my Blog for a while will remember how my very first nephew, Jordan Blake, was born my emergency caesarean back in October last year, and how I made a flying visit to Melbourne to see him, and his Mum and Dad… just in case….
Flashback picture
Young Jordan is doing […]

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This article caught my eye a short while ago; Alun is a regular commentator in my blogs, and invariably has something interesting to say:AOL, Yahoo introduce “pay to spam” service (5 February 2006)http://msmvps.com/blogs/alunj/archive/2006/02/05/82634.aspx
I agree with Alun’s opinions on AOL and Yahoo’s idea – but one thing does occur to me.  About four years ago I […]

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