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SBS (Small Business Server) 2003….

February 28th 2006 in Uncategorized

Ok, I’ve joined the dark side… been borgified… assimilated… absorbed… whatever you want to call it.

Put in an order today for a brand spanking new SBS server via a good friend, Wayne Small, SBS MVP.  Ahhhhh, some are so disappointed that I succumbed so easily to the siren-call that is SBS…. but I digress ;o)

BORING!!!!! say my patient readers.. “not really” says I…. there is a point to this article….

Coincidentally, I received an email today via www.ie-vista.com today asking for assistance with an SBS2003 network.  All users use the same username/password… but the ‘bosses’ on site have their own IDs… and all are power users.  All use Sharepoint for essential calendar sharing etc.

The question; how do we block internet access for the general users, but not the doctors – remembering they are all part of the same security group … this could be fun.

Imagine… everybody is power user… theoretically, all it takes is *one* employee, going to *one* bad site, and your network is owned……I don’t care how busy you are…..are you so busy unique log-ins are too much bother?

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“SBS (Small Business Server) 2003….”

Alun Jones

I thought I’d join the band-wagon and rail against people who use admin accounts all the time. If only we could persuade Microsoft to rename the account to “janitor”, I think it would lose its mystique. More at http://msmvps.com/blogs/alunj/archive/2006/02/28/85059.aspx


tis easy to block users 🙂 but it depends on the version of SBS they have – STD or Premium.


Well… c’mon…spill :o)

This article caught my eye a short while ago; Alun is a regular commentator in my blogs, and invariably has something interesting to say:AOL, Yahoo introduce “pay to spam” service (5 February 2006)http://msmvps.com/blogs/alunj/archive/2006/02/05/82634.aspx
I agree with Alun’s opinions on AOL and Yahoo’s idea – but one thing does occur to me.  About four years ago I […]

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Update:  I’m seeing confusion about how/when the non-security update is being installed.
The non-security update is NOT being downloaded and installed via Automatic Updates at this time.  It is available via the Download Centre, and Windows Update (as an optional update).  Eventually we will all have to install it, but that isn’t the case at this […]

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