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Mike Nash of MS comments on the 912945 ActiveX update

March 29th 2006 in Uncategorized

Pretty much confirms everything I’ve been saying all along:

One thing I didn’t know was this:

we will create a “compatibility patch” (deployed like a hotfix) that allows customers to turn off the change for a limited period of time through the June update cycle (2nd Tuesday in June) to provide time for enterprise customers to resolve compatibility issuess [sic]

“Deployed like a hotfix” tells me that the patch will only be available by contacting MS Support and convincing them that the patch is needed.  End users should not expect that it is going to be made available to them simply because they don’t like the new activex behaviour.

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Summary:  My advice? Don’t install it.
(Please forgive any grammatical or logical flow errors – I’m running real short of time but wanted to get this live before starting my work day).
Two MS security bloggers have mentioned the eEye “patch” that protects against the createTextRange vulnerability.
Both bloggers recommend that the patch not be installed. 
Ok, I […]

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