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The latest on the 912945 Activex update and the optional compatibility patch.

March 31st 2006 in Uncategorized

Ok, so I was confused.  On the one hand we had Mike Nash saying it would be “deployed like a hotfix” (which to me means phone MS and ask for it).  On the other hand, I had an email from MS saying that the optional compatibility patch would be available via the Download Centre, which certainly isn’t standard operating procedure for hotfixes.

Jeff Centamino has been chatting via email with Mike Nash about the situation, and has posted details of the conversation with permission – it clears things up very nicely:

The important thing to understand is that the optional compatibility patch is no more than a temporary stopgap.  *ALL* of us will have to learn to adjust to the changes wrought by the 912945 update by, at the time of writing, June – yes, even Siebel customers.

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I achieved 8 out of 10… spotted all the phishing emails just fine, but also attributed falsity to two legitimate ones… go figure…  better safe than sorry, I suppose.  I’d have been real grumpy with myself if I’d marked a phish as legitimate…

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