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Sometimes being Australia based really sucks…

April 27th 2006 in Uncategorized

Tony Chor blogged about a dinner he attended which was held at Frisson in San Francisco just prior to the IE7 B2 launch … so many photos.. so many familiar faces… sometimes living on another continent, and even worse, living in the most isolated city on said continent really sucks.

Photos of the party here…

Nice to see Tony is into whiskey – must make a point of booking Tony for an evening of alcoholic criticique; oh, and I can also claim credit for introducing Robert Scoble to the pleasures of quality single malt whiskey – well I share that achievement with Alex Nichol MVP who passed away just over a year ago and is much missed.

By the way Robert… cool t.shirt… nice to see you are still not at all shy about making a statement ;o)

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“Sometimes being Australia based really sucks…”


Being in the states doesn’t mean geting there either. I’m in Michigan, 2000 miles from San Fransisco. These kinds of events are generally on the coasts … I consider myself lucky if someone decides to have something in Chicago, which is still a 6-hour drive for me.

Alun Jones

Is there an MVP group for Whisky-lovers?

Yes, I know, we seem to be talking an awful lot lately about IE, Windows and OE patches and the problems they are causing – what can I say – its been a bad month.
MS has released a KB article addressing problems that users of Outlook Web Access may experience after installing the EOLAS patch […]

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“Starting tomorrow, the software giant will permanently flag personal computers that are not running a genuine copy of Windows.”
I think now is the time for a quick holiday… I think I’m glad to be going out of town this weekend…

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