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What’s this? You have to PAY people to push Firefox…

April 27th 2006 in Uncategorized

<<<laughing>>> I’m sorry, but this is ***so*** funny.

“For each person you switch, Google gives you $1, Microsoft loses marketshare, and an angel gets its wings. “

Ok, so now we’re *they’re* people to push Firefox? What? It can’t stand on its own merits?  ;o)

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“What’s this? You have to PAY people to push Firefox…”


To be honest I don’t know that any one browser has specific merits anymore. Just like with many other technologies browsers seem to have antered a period of “sameness” where they’re all looking to fulfill an identical set of features. Right now, it seems like a game of “catch-up”.


I agree that it is funny, especially the “KillBillsBrowser” page. The reference to Steve “I’m going to ……. kill Google” is especially hilarious.

Joking aside, I won’t surf without Firefox nor explore bad places without IE. Sounds backwards, huh? Well, it is not about security; it is about functionality.

Firefox has given me my browser the way I want it, showing and doing what I want rather than what someone else thinks that I should want. My Firefox is probably different from every other Firefox out there and far beyond what IE, even in the IE7 beta, can promise.

Yes, there is a price for this. Every new version of FF leaves me in a holding pattern waiting for my favorite extensions to all catch up and get me back to where I want to be. But, it is worth it.

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