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A PC died that may deserve a Viking funeral…

May 4th 2006 in Uncategorized

Talk about an old faithful – the computer has been around forever.

It stood a metre tall. From what I understand from those who have been around long enough to know the history of the box it is an ex server of some type (with only 16 meg of RAM installed, btw) with one of those way-before-my-time dinky coaxial cableish connections for network connectivity (yes, in the server room, there are some old outlets to match).

Years ago the box was recommissioned as a Windows 95 machine and it has been chugging away quietly in a corner of a lawyers office – never turned off and rarely rebooted… until this week.

The lawyer who had custody of the loyal dinosaur came in to me on Monday and told me she could not turn her monitor on. The poor old dinosaur computer was dead. Its probably just the power supply but the case is so old, and so large, I doubt I could find a power supply to fit (and I refuse to repeat a previous IT company’s behaviour, which was stick in a power supply that doesn’t suit the casing and leave it hanging by just one screw, and with no working power button for the user), so the loyal old thing has been moved to what is affectionately called the “elephant’s graveyard” – a corner of the office piled up with dead PCs and monitors.

I’m thinking a traditional send-off my father told me about may be appropriate since the local authorities may be a tad upset about a funeral pyre…

  • 2 x 44 gallon drums strapped together with wooden platform built on top.
  • Place said PC on said wooden platform.
  • Float said 44 gallon drums in steel catchment pool.
  • Get one shotgun.
  • Take pot shots at 44 gallon drum until wooden platform sinks.

Somehow a viking funeral pyre feels more appropriate for this dinosaur of the PC era.

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“A PC died that may deserve a Viking funeral…”


I thought that would be a neat way to get rid of a lot of my junk machines but I couldn’t find a “44 gallon” drum.
Assuming you might have had a few Fosters, I thought I’d Google it to make sure and found this:
“A 44 gallon drum (known as a 55 gallon drum in the United States, and increasingly in Australia as a 200 liter drum) is a cylindrical container (drum) with a nominal capacity of 44 imperial gallons, 55 U.S. gallons or 205 liters. The exact capacity varies with wall thickness and other factors.”

So my apologies to you and your Father for my errant thinking.


Fosters?? <> :o)

PCs may be falsely flagged as running a non-genuine version of Windows if the user who runs the WGANT is a restricted user.
The fix is to allow restricted users permission to write to a single
file, being a file called “data.dat”, stored in the directory:
..\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage\data


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