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Martin Cooper….

May 5th 2006 in Uncategorized

Do you know who Martin Cooper is… think about it.. .I’ll come back soon…

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“Martin Cooper….”


He is the inventor of the cell phone.


And.. he apparently credits the television series Star Trek with the idea ;o)

I think its worthwhile sharing some off the inner workings of IE7’s RSS ability.  There have apparently been expressions of concern about the demand that may be placed on RSS services once everybody (aka IE users) has easy access (which reminds me of the old “AOL ruined the internet” argument – now some are worried […]

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MSN Video was broken for me when using IE7 – well, it was broken until I installed IE7 Beta 2.
That being said, I hit a bug that had the whole household giggling tonight… ummm ooops…
Somehow the Pussycat Dolls, when viewed upside down with a green tinge, just don’t seem right.
The film clip started fine, and […]

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