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Robert Scoble.. sad news

May 10th 2006 in Uncategorized

IE7 crashes whenever I try to post a comment to Rob’s blog, so I’ll use the trusty trackback.. I know Rob will see it.


All good thoughts and vibes are heading your way for you and your Mom…  I may have introduced you to quality single malt scotch whiskey, but you introduced me to car seats with bum-heaters built in (totally foreign to an Aussie).  I remember being introduced to your (then) very new love (now your wife), getting drunk with you and Mark Ferguson and  myriad other moments.  This hits way too close to home.

I’ll be watching for you on IM.. don’t hide my friend.

Sandi etc

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There is an excellent, albeit short, article about security for Linux users that is worth a quick read:http://www.viruslist.com/en/weblog?weblogid=186275723
I’ll leave you to read the entire article, and will only highlight pertinent quotes here:
“Pretty soon, it dawned on us exactly what the biggest threat to Linux systems is: the almost overwhelming belief in the invulnerability of Linux.”  […]

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And…it is unsecured <sigh>  You’d think that such products would come with warnings now.  Oh, yeah, they do, but you’ve got to **read the installation manual** to know to run the wizard.
When I started work at my current job I was shocked to discover our wireless access point was unsecured, AND the power and network cables […]

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