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Qantas and Windows CE … who would have thought…

May 25th 2006 in Uncategorized

I simply cannot resist sharing this little gem.  Qantas International has an “on demand” entertainment system which is, apparently, newly installed on the particular aircraft from within which I was writing this blog post.  Sadly, the entertainment system was experiencing problems, so the pilot had to reboot the system (Captain: “I ask all passengers not to press any controls for 20 minutes” – frazzled mother of disobedient toddler: “Don’t touch those buttons…. I said don’t touch those buttons… Its broken, don’t touch those buttons”)

So, guess what I see on the entertainment screen while the system is rebooting – Windows CE!!!

Who would have thought…

International Business Class Rocks… except for when there’s a crying baby and disobedient toddler in the row behind you.. so much for getting some work done, and some sleep, in peace and quiet during the flight.  The overwhelming sound in the cabin as the plane was positioning for take-off and even the cabin crew were seated and buckled in, was: “Sit down and put on your seatbelt… sit down and put on your seatbelt.. sit down and put on your seatbelt”… (for chrissakes mother, PICK THE KID UP, PUT HIM IN HIS SEAT, BUCKLE HIM IN AND HAVE DONE WITH IT!!!)

Even as a Gold Status Frequent Flyer, it can be hard to get a points upgrade to Business Class but I got it this time (which is just as well, considering I have over 130,000 points to get rid of despite upgrading to business every time I fly).  Fantastic food – Chivas Regal all the way – a Qantas Skybed – power for my laptop – a very swish toiletries pack (despite the flight being only 5 hours).

While we’re on the topic of international travel, I see in my latest CES Smartbrief email that regulators are considering lifting the ban on using cell phones in flight – I sure hope they don’t. 


Oh, and by the way, somebody’s phone did turn on in the plane today… how do we know that?  When the Captain made an announcement over the intercom the whole plane could hear the too-familiar sound of mobile phone interference that we all know and hate – see, they’re not telling porkies when they say that mobile phones can interfere with electrical equipment. 

I am *so* glad my CDMA phones don’t generate that sort of interference.  I am so *not* looking forward to CDMA being phased out in preference to 3G in a few years time.

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“Qantas and Windows CE … who would have thought…”


So, maybe the entertainment system didn’t have all its required updates. 😉 But 20 minutes for a reboot?? You should have offered assistance! 😉


I work on the IFE (In flight Entertainment) on a daily basis, 20 min for a reboot is normal, from cold start up you are looking even longer. There is so many electroninc components through out the aircraft it takes forever. And yes they do run Windows.

I’m heading off to the aiport in a few minutes to travel to Singapore for a Windows Vista lab.  Hopefully I’ll have some really cool stuff to blog about over the next few days.
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