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Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista

May 26th 2006 in Uncategorized

Internet Explorer 7 has a slightly different name in Windows Vista – “Internet Explorer 7+”   There are extra features in Vista that will not be made available in XP, such as parental controls and protected mode, therefore it makes sense to differentiate between the two versions.


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When it has already been patched… take the brou haha triggered by Symantec’s “alert” to its subscribers about an alleged unpatched vulnerability in Windows 2000’s file sharing protocol.
Scary words were used by various parties who picked up on the alert, and ran with it, including “unpatched vulnerability”… “zero day bug”… “Immunity will make the exploit public […]

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Yes, I’ve spotted that my blog is full of red-x’s instead of screenshots.  My screenshot galleries were deleted as part of the Community Server 2.0 update.  I’m working with the site admins to see if they can be restored.

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