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msmvps.com: All locally stored graphics lost.

May 28th 2006 in Uncategorized

Yes, I’ve spotted that my blog is full of red-x’s instead of screenshots.  My screenshot galleries were deleted as part of the Community Server 2.0 update.  I’m working with the site admins to see if they can be restored.

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“msmvps.com: All locally stored graphics lost.”


Relax…. I am working on it


They weren’t deleted.. they just sort of ..well.. didn’t quite make the transition. The old database is saved and been pulled offsite. Many apologies and we’ll keep you posted.


Hi Again Sandi….

I must appologise…   So far, no news back from the CS Guys on how to resolve this.   I cant believe that I cannot get to the piccies and upload them manually even!

Anyway… you are not forgotten.

Sandi: Aww heck :o(  Ok, if we can’t get this sorted I’ll have to do what I can to recreate and reupload the screenshots this upcoming weekend. I hope I haven’t deleted the more controversial malware ones – they’ll be well nigh impossible to recreate.  Thanks for keeping us informed Nick.

Dave Burke

Which update were you referring to?  The security patch update released Friday, May 26th?

Sandi: Hi Dave.  I’m not absolutely sure what happened.  We upgraded to Community Server 2.0 and then all the galleries were gone.   I don’t know if something went wrong, or if they were excluded from the upgrade, or accidentally deleted somehow.  But, at least I have got my graphics back in a zip file on my local machine, but its going to take a decent slab of time to go through and upload them all and remap all the img src links.  We’ll get there though.


can you not do a backup of your blog using frontpage from time to time?

Internet Explorer 7 has a slightly different name in Windows Vista – “Internet Explorer 7+”   There are extra features in Vista that will not be made available in XP, such as parental controls and protected mode, therefore it makes sense to differentiate between the two versions.

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