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Buh bye Mini-Microsoft…

May 29th 2006 in Uncategorized


“If doing something hurts, stop it. Same goes for something that’s not fun. And, you know, currently, this oddly enough isn’t fun. Thrilling certainly. Wildly educational, thanks to the comments coming in, absolutely. But not fun. There are other things going on in the world that I’m missing out on, and they are beginning to take a higher priority. For me.”

Y’know, I’ve considered working for MS a few times – have even had a couple of interviews – but then a guy that I’ve known for years experienced a shock when his job of many years standing at MS was outsourced with little warning, I watched another friend working himself into the ground to meet various crazily unrealistic deadlines (I still worry about him) and another whose position “didn’t work out”.  I have another friend who is considering working for MS and I’ve had to really bite my tongue and sit on my hands to stop myself from projecting any negativity/concern as my friend moves in that direction – after all, although I know some people who are not happy at MS, I also know some who are happy, and who knows… maybe my friend will be happy there and he will be the one with a strong enough cattle prod to rouse the Behometh.  After all, we MVPs have been able to do so at times ;o)

I’ll miss Mini (aka Who da’Punk)’s insights into employment life at MS (and the views of those who post comments in his blog).  Did he frighten people away from working for MS?  That is quite possible.  Did he do good?  I honestly don’t know – it may be unrealistic for those on the blog to give him credit for the demise of the trended 3.0’s and the return of the towels, or it may not be.  Only the upper echelon of the powers that be at MS know the answer to that question.

Of course, I may be way off the mark calling Mini a “he”… I just hope he/she never reveals his/her name .. let him/her remain anonymous ;o)  And before you ask, I don’t believe that Mini is Bill Gates, or anyone else in the upper echelon for that matter (the head honchos, I hope, understand the difference between “breaks” and “brakes”) {ducking and running for cover}

Now, if only I could work out how to turn off that flashing red ‘message waiting’ light on my new desk phone.. as far as I know, this new phone doesn’t even *have* an answering machine built in.. there’s no reference in the manual, and no buttons on the console – weird.

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“Buh bye Mini-Microsoft…”


From my own limited exposure, I’d say that Microsoft requires a certain mind-set, and is geared at building that mind-set into the people it hires straight from college. It’s not so geared at recognising that mind-set in interview, or coping with people who arrive at anything above entry-level, and don’t have that mind-set already.
Part of that mind-set requires that your family come second, and that you ignore the repeated “work-life balance” emails, which appear only to be sent to avoid a lawsuit when someone works himself to death.

Yes, I’ve spotted that my blog is full of red-x’s instead of screenshots.  My screenshot galleries were deleted as part of the Community Server 2.0 update.  I’m working with the site admins to see if they can be restored.

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