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What’s that about Firefox being immune to malware?

May 30th 2006 in Uncategorized

A tale of woe:

A few observations:

“they were asking for too many personal details to download a free trial so I decided to see if there were any copies floating around on the file-sharing networks. This was a big mistake!” – I think this is where I should say “serve you bloody right for going down the warez path” but I’m too nice to say that ;o)

” it wasn’t long before I soon discovered that I couldn’t cut or copy stuff from Firefox.” – ok… keep this in mind for later…

“I tried a lot of things, ran dozens of leading spyware destroyers and it still didn’t fix it.” – reference my opening paragraph here.  Oh, and by the way, what *were* these “dozens” of “leading spyware destroyers”.  I don’t think there are “dozens” of legitimate “leading” spyware destroyers out there.  Sooner or later you have to get in there and get your fingernails dirty.  Automated products simply can’t cut it with the latest and greatest malware.

“If anything, Firefox was the only browser that flagged up any problems and I doubt I would have worked it out otherwise…”  Um, ok, I must be missing something here.. how the heck did Firefox help him work things out? The guy spent weeks labouring under the misapprehension that he was dealing with a bug for chrissakes. 

Side note:  I find it an amazing irony that the guy would have spotted there was a definitive malware problem sooner if he was *not* running Norton Internet Security, which was so kind as to mask his problems for weeks.

Ok, so what have we learned here? 

First, STAY AWAY FROM FILE SHARING NETWORKS.  They are a primary source of malware infection.  If you’re unwilling to share “personal information” for that free software then go without.  Quid pro quo. 

Second, running Firefox will not protect you if you do dumb things. 

Third, Norton Internet Security will not protect you if you do dumb things – hell, I don’t think *any* software out there will give us complete protection if we do dumb things.

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“What’s that about Firefox being immune to malware?”


Nice post.

The best protection from the internet is education. The best anti-virus software will always be behind. They “catch up” and by that time, new malware is released.


The malware affects IE too ya know!

Edit by Sandi: Your comment completely misses the point of the article.

“If doing something hurts, stop it. Same goes for something that’s not fun. And, you know, currently, this oddly enough isn’t fun. Thrilling certainly. Wildly educational, thanks to the comments coming in, absolutely. But not fun. There are other things going on in the world that I’m missing out on, and they are beginning to […]

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