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Ok, so now that Windows Live Messenger has been released…

June 25th 2006 in Uncategorized

…the latest version of the much maligned Messenger Plus! has been released… let’s go check it out.. I’ve got the installer.. more soon.

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“Ok, so now that Windows Live Messenger has been released…”


i installed it and instantly had problems lol I had 123 contacts on the last msn and as soon as i installed W.L.M my contacts disappeared and i couldnt add them in the add tab so i restarted then i had 16 contacts, i was very confused, i went on the ancient windows messenger and i had all 123 contacts, i saved my contact list to my desktop and tried to reopen windows live messenger after 40 minutes it finally signed in i tried to import my contact list it looked as though it worked but it hasnt it just shows them all as offline even when they are not.

This weekend’s task – and here’s me with only a dinky little 4 port KVM to work with – its going to be a long day.
And next weekend, two malware infested PCs are booked in for some care and attention.  Methinks I need to start charging for my time…

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Yes, I know I kept dropping in and out on IM.. blame the wireless network card in my laptop – speed kept dropping away to 24Mbps or even 1.0Mbps and it played havoc with my connection.  I’ve just set the router to 802.11g only (sorry John, 802.11b is simply too slow) and so far things […]

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