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Sometimes I really don’t like computers…

June 25th 2006 in Uncategorized

Yes, I know I kept dropping in and out on IM.. blame the wireless network card in my laptop – speed kept dropping away to 24Mbps or even 1.0Mbps and it played havoc with my connection.  I’ve just set the router to 802.11g only (sorry John, 802.11b is simply too slow) and so far things seem stable – here’s hoping the older wireless cards in the house support 802.11g … I’ll soon find out enough when the kids get home and try to go online.

Yes, I know some message times/dates have been screwy – blame that on reformatting my laptop yesterday and not setting date/time properly.

Yes, I know some of my promised emails didn’t arrive – I don’t know *why* that happened – I did send those messages .. honest.. they’re right there in sent items – maybe the wireless problems screwed something up during send.  Will stick with Webmail for a while until I’m sure that network speed is going to stay stable – just in case.

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…the latest version of the much maligned Messenger Plus! has been released… let’s go check it out.. I’ve got the installer.. more soon.

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