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Everybody wants to make a buck, but why put your hand in a hornet’s nest?

June 28th 2006 in Uncategorized

Perhaps because you didn’t know the hornets were there? 

A shyster by the name of Leo Stoller has tried to assert trademark rights over the word “Castle” and has gone after www.castlecops.com.

I’ve seen the Castlecops crowd when they’re mad… that Stoller guy has no idea what he has stirred up…  Nick may call me the best in the business when it comes to taking aim at shysters (just think, I tamed down that article.. you should have seen the original text), but the Castlecops gang, and their supporters, don’t do too bad either [;)]

To say that this guy has a history of sharkish behaviour (and *terrible* artistic skills when designing his ‘trademark’ displays) is an understatement.

Stoller says to Castlecops (translation: gimme money!!!):

“Prior to filing our Notice of Opposition, the potential opposer is placing three reasonable settlement proposals on the table which would amicably resolve this controversy when accepted by your client. The first is an express abandonment, attached hereto, in which your client agrees to abandon its trademark application. The second is a 2% royalty-based Trademark license Agreement which will allow your client to use the said trademark under License. If your client would like to receive a draft of the said trademark license agreement, we will be happy to provide it. The third agreement is a consent to register, attached hereto. Your client is invited to make a reasonable monetary settlement offer as consideration for the said consent to register agreement.”

I’m not going into the nitty gritty of the legal shenanigans and reputation of Mr Stoller – its enough that I send you to these blogs (hmm, perhaps Hornets Nest is an understatement…)



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