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OS X security vulnerabilities are on the rise

July 26th 2006 in Uncategorized

Yep, that target on Firefox and Apple’s backside is getting bigger by the day – pull up a seat and buckle in tight guys – the easy ride that comes from not being a primary target of the bad guys may be over soon…

Full report here:

I think the final two paragraphs of the report say it quite well:

In the past, most authors of malicious code were seeking a place in the headlines. Today, they are looking for financial gain. Apple’s small share of the global personal computer market has, until now, protected Macs from the unwanted attention of malware authors. However, as Apple systems become more popular, this will change; once critical mass is reached, more malware will undoubtedly start to appear. Even though malware like IM-Worm.OSX.Leap.a and Worm.OSX.Inqtana.A and exploits like Exploit.OSX.Safari.a and Exploit.OSX.Script-Ex were all proof of concept code, and had no obvious malicious payload, these proof of concept programs showed that Mac OS X does contain security flaws, and that these can be used to compromise the system.

Whether the proof of concept code covered in this article will be used for financial gain in the near future remains to be seen. History, however, shows that once vulnerabilties are identified, malware writers are never far behind.


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