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New build of Firefox, Seamonkey and Thunderbird released..

July 27th 2006 in Uncategorized

As we know, the gang behind Firefox don’t release security updates, they release entire new builds of their Web browser.

A new build has been released – which addresses numerous vulnerabilities – 7 of which are classed as “critical”:

You can download the new build here:

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“New build of Firefox, Seamonkey and Thunderbird released..”

Ian Oxley (UK)

Er, well, 1.5x Firefox and Thunderbird releases feature an updater for incremental patches.  Mine found the updates quickly and updated in background. In the case of Firefox, the update (I had the most recent previous release) was achieved in under 600k, a mare fraction of a full download of the build. That’s reasonable, surely?  Of course, if your extensions won’t run with the patch you find out after the upgrade!

Says Sandi:  They don’t seem to believe in making things easy .. following is a quote from the Patch Management Mailing List:

If you use a homegrown or third party patch management solution that uses file versions for scanning… Mozilla has decremented their fileversions in this release.  Firefox.exe in the release was at version 1.8.20060.50817.  Firefox.exe in is now at

1.8.20060.6376  (notice the change from .50817 to .6376).  If you compare the version as a string, the number is higher (starts with a ‘6’

and not a ‘5’), but if you compare as a number, the new file version is less than the old.


Or, you can just use the “Check for Updates” feature which downloads a binary diff so you don’t have to download the whole installer again.

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