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Awww, now that’s just MEAN!

July 30th 2006 in Uncategorized

“My neighbours are stealing my wireless internet access”

Ok, so why isn’t he securing his network?  While he’s having fun with flip and -blur, his neighbours could be using his account to download kiddy p**n.  Guess what, the authorities ain’t gonna be breaking down his neighbours’ door.

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“Awww, now that’s just MEAN!”


I’ve yet to hear about any cases where a person, organisation, or business, has yet been held liable – or even taken to court – because of overly-permissive wireless use.
Does it actually happen?  I’d love to see the test case!

Edit Sandi: Just had an interesting discussion around the water cooler (so to speak) with some of the guys here at work about this, along the lines of:

1)  Imagine that a person is aware that a “neighbour” is using his wireless network, but not aware that said neighbour is using that access to download kiddy p**n or spread viruses etc…

2)  Imagine if the person is charged with committing above acts when it wasn’t him, but the neighbour accessing wireless network.

3)  Has this happened in Australia?

4)  How would he prove his innocence?  Would it make a difference if he did not actually commit the acts if he was aware that his network was being used by others?

I’ll do some research – first work out what Act applies to the above, and then try to find out if anybody has found themselves in that sort of trouble.  Watch this space

We know that wifi networks are being used… inappropriately… by voyeurs:

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