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I’ve faced down some pretty scary situations in the past… but nothing prepares you for….

July 30th 2006 in Uncategorized

taking your first born for his first driving lesson, especially in a big car [;)]

We went to a large shopping centre car park which, being a Sunday, was empty and away we went.  He didn’t do too bad and we didn’t hit anything apart from a few kerbs when going around corners.

I think its great he wants to get a manual licence (which I think Americans call a stick shift?) instead of taking the easy way out and getting an automatic only licence [:)]

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“I’ve faced down some pretty scary situations in the past… but nothing prepares you for….”


I remember that experience well.
My daughter actually managed to run down one of the kerbs. It was a young one but still nasty and almost got away.

Sandi says:  <<LOL>>  I have *so* got to show your comment to my son!

Having seen this guy in action, and appreciated his insights and blog posts for a long time, I can say I’m gonna miss him.  I hope it all works out for him at amazon.com

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Ok, so why isn’t he securing his network?  While he’s having fun with flip and -blur, his neighbours could be using his account to download kiddy p**n.  Guess what, the authorities ain’t gonna be breaking down his neighbours’ door.

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