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Jesper has announced his new blog’s home

August 13th 2006 in Uncategorized

Yay – Jesper’s has announced his new blog

Susan Bradley, aka Mom, aka SBS Diva, who is the force behind msmvps.com, is also the force behind the new msinfluentials.com blog site.  Gaining a berth at msinfluentials will be by invitation only, so you can expect that only the best will be in there (heck, how can be it anything but with Jesper being the first to join) [:)]

Susan, I doff my hat to you – I don’t know how the heck you manage to find the time to touch so many lives.

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He’s being “prevented” from speaking.  That suckshttp://blogs.technet.com/jesper_johansson/archive/2006/08/12/446247.aspx
Jesper says “I have unfortunately been prevented from speaking at TechEd” and “I cannot express how terrible I feel about this”.
Michael says Jesper is “now not able to make it”. 
If somebody has told Jesper that he is no longer allowed to present at TechEd, then that somebody needs […]

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For various reasons I have been pondering usability in IE7 and beyond, and considering how I would like to see things change, if I had the chance.  Here is my list:
1)       More contrast in color between active and non active tabs.
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