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IE7 and beyond.. what changes, improvements or additions would you like to see?

August 14th 2006 in Uncategorized

For various reasons I have been pondering usability in IE7 and beyond, and considering how I would like to see things change, if I had the chance.  Here is my list:

1)       More contrast in color between active and non active tabs.

2)      An ability to move the tabs to bottom or side of screen

3)      The Quick Tabs screen disappears to easily, even if I do something as simple as click an icon in the systray – this should not happen.

4)      An ability to turn off the Search Box

5)      An ability to resize the Address Bar and place other toolbars beside it

6)      RSS – a way to manage RSS similar to the Organise Favorites windows – a way to create folders and move around *pre-existing* RSS feeds

7)      RSS – if a Feed fails to update for whatever reason, the Feed should be highlighted in red

So, what would *you* like to see in future versions of IE…. and what changes would you make to IE7 given the chance that would have an effect on the user experience and make it easier to use and a better experience overall? 

For example, a friend’s eyesight is not the best and he has a real problem picking up the slight color difference between active and non active tabs.  Also, as a heavy RSS user I really wish there was a visual cue when one of my feeds fail, and I really wish I could organise my pre-existing feeds into folders.

Flames, “Firefox r00lz” statements or other alternative browser fan-boy posts won’t get published, so save your breath [;)]

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“IE7 and beyond.. what changes, improvements or additions would you like to see?”


I would like to be able to detach tabs into a separate window that could also click back into place. Those separate windows might also be snapped back into the browser window so I could see, maybe, 4 at a time.

How about being able to adjust security zones for the content of different tabs?

I had another but it’s escaped me at the moment. I’ll get back to you …


abiliy to read RSS in a “newspaper view” – all new articles in one long page. I realize with 1000+ new articles this would be a little ridiculous however it would be convenient. Also the ability for the read/unread flags to be stored centrally – maybe on favorites.live.com – so that when you change computers your feeds reflect the last time they were viewed. Finally the ability to have a button that allows you to mark all feeds as read.


When you go through browser history on IE7 and right click for properties it no longer shows the correct date and time that the site was first viewed. It automatically gives the current date and time. I would like that to be changed.


1) The option to open a favorite in a new tab by middle-clicking or right-clicking
2) The option to turn off favorites buttons that appear left of tabs.

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