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Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Uninstaller Kit is available for download

August 18th 2006 in Uncategorized

There has been a regularly recurring problem with users being unable to remove IE7 Beta 2 because their uninstall directory is missing.  These people were forced to either keep IE7 Beta 2 or source uninstall directories from elsewhere. 

I have always said that it is dangerous to source system files from third party sources because the danger of assembly hijacking, viruses etc, not to mention the question of whether or not distributing uninstall directories is legal under the EULA.

Microsoft  has been well aware of the problems, and have addressed the issue by providing a new Uninstaller Kit which  “Forces uninstall of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 using default files and settings.   This toolkit will uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 using default files and settings from Microsoft. It is only intended for use if normal uninstallation methods failed. See KB 923721 for more information.”


The MS uninstaller will run on releases besides Beta 2, but it won’t be a complete uninstall because other releases backed up a slightly different set of files and reg keys than Beta 2.  Therefore, it is not recommended that the uninstaller be used with anything other than Beta 2.

Remember, there is a risk to sourcing files from an unknown third party. Always go to the original source.

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Please, be careful with the Registry scanner.  It has been known to break things.  Don’t run it if you are just curious and don’t have problems.

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