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Adding search providers to IE7 Part Deux

August 19th 2006 in Uncategorized

Those who know me well know that I am very cautious about recommending sites.  That being said, William North of Next Venture Partners contacted back at the end of July asking me to check out an OpenSeach site that they had developed and launched, and asking me if I’d be interested in publicising the site on www.ie-vista.com.

Well, it took me a few weeks, but I’ve finally had the chance to have a look at the service and I’m pretty impressed so far.  Its working even on the build of IE7 that I am running and its not an all or nothing service (aka, they offer more than a file that you download and merge with your registry).  Rather, you can pick and choose the Search providers you wish to add.  That’s a good thing – I’ve never liked loading down the registry with masses of data which is what a lot of the downloadable OpenSearch files do.

So, stepping cautiously outside of my comfort zone I’ll put my neck on the proverbial chopping block and recommend you check out the site.  At time of writing there were over 300 search engine providers listed.  Just promise me you won’t be a search engine glutton and install the whole lot of them… I think you will find that would not be a good thing [;)]

Oh yeah, here’s the link:

Any and all feedback welcomed, as always.

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