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Please no: Qantas is to allow in-flight use of mobile phones in 2007

August 28th 2006 in Uncategorized

Aww heck, some of us actually enjoyed the peace and quiet during a flight [:(]

“THE last refuge of the weary business traveller is about to vanish, with Qantas announcing plans to allow domestic passengers to use mobiles in-flight from early 2007.

The airline will evaluate the on-board use of mobiles and other portable devices, such as BlackBerries, in a three month trial on domestic routes, using a Boeing 767 as the test aircraft.”


Thankfully the plane most often in use between Perth and the eastern seaboard for my preferred flights is the Airbus A330.  Its probably deferring the inevitable, but I think I’ll do my best to avoid 767’s where possible.

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“Please no: Qantas is to allow in-flight use of mobile phones in 2007”


How long before flights are divided into yacking and non-yacking sections?

I’ve been looking around for alternative Internet Explorer resources that I can point users to that compliment my own sites (www.ie-vista.com and http://inetexplorer.mvps.org).  During my wanderings I encountered an old ActiveWin page dedicated to Internet Explorer 5.
Once again, an ActiveNetwork banner advertisement is promoting Winfixer (aka WinAntivirusPro2006 aka ErrorSafe).  I’ve encountered this problem before on the ActiveNetwork site, […]

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100% reproducible.  Try to install IE7 RC1 using a different user account to that which was used to install the previous build of IE7 and the installer goes boom.
The fix? Log in as the original user and you’re good to go.

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