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AT&T online shopping site security breach.

August 30th 2006 in Uncategorized

“The telecommunications provider said that computer hackers illegally accessed credit card data and other personal information from several thousand customers who bought DSL equipment from the online store.

The phone company said it would notify “fewer than 19,000” customers whose data was accessed during the breach. “


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By default, RSS Feed synchronsation is disabled in IE7.

This is a good thing, because RSS Feeds will continue to synchronise even if Internet Explorer 7 is shut down.
I prefer that RSS Feed synchronisation be disabled on corporate networks – not only for bandwidth reasons, but because RSS is already proving to be a bit of […]

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A friend sent me the following screenshot tonight.  Yes, the combination of advertisement and topic is funny, and ironic, but the article itself is also very good reading (btw, the jury is out regarding the advertisement.. despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get that particular advertisement to appear) (a discussion about the article continues below […]

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