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Interesting… RWW-Guard….

August 30th 2006 in Uncategorized

“Protect your small business and enhance its remote access security with the addition of two-factor authentication directly into Remote Web Workplace. This doesn’t impact your choice of what services RWW can provide or how they work, yet it’s a substantially stronger protection to unlock the door. Now you also require a physical key. Combining the standard RWW domain credentials with the one time password (OTP) from your key even eliminates password guessing done inside your business from being used later from the outside”


How to get it?

“RWW-Guard is currently in a closed beta with select members of the SBS community. It will be generally available for purchase later this fall. If you would like to join the beta, and are willing to contribute feedback and suggestions, please feel free to email dana@scorpionsoft.com and ask if you can be added to the beta list. Although we cannot guarantee everyone who requests access to the beta will get in, we will try our hardest to accomodiate all reasonable requests. “

I am *that* close to sending an email…. damn, that’s one cool piece of software…

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“Interesting… RWW-Guard….”

Dana Epp

A friend sent me the following screenshot tonight.  Yes, the combination of advertisement and topic is funny, and ironic, but the article itself is also very good reading (btw, the jury is out regarding the advertisement.. despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get that particular advertisement to appear) (a discussion about the article continues below […]

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